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Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix

Episode Summary

Hello Somebody Likes It Listener, Back in October, the offices where we record were broken into and all of our equipment for producing Somebody Likes It was stolen. Three episodes that had been recorded but not completed were temporarily lost. This is the first of these episodes, recorded on September 12, 2018, where we discuss Teenage Fanclub's Grand Prix. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

We had limited purview.

Bandwagonesque was the record we knew, framed by the apparently unforgivable historical fact that any band with any album might edge Nirvana's Nevermind for an Album of the Year designation. That happened. Some still haven't gotten past it. Voting on things brings controversy.

But this isn't that album. It's not even that argument.

Here we canvass Grand Prix, widely regarded as perhaps the pinnacle of Teenage Fanclub's jangly alt-pop catalogue: not so breakneck as the racer on the cover might suggest, not as European either, come to think of it. But it does sound like a band accelerating in pursuit of the act they're meant to be. Breathtaking, dynamic, harmonious. Buckle up.

Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix

A Few Minutes With

[Bronze Whale - Shrubbery][2]

A Current Affair

[Interpol - If You Really Love Nothing][3]