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Hank Williams III -Straight to Hell

Episode Summary

This episode is the third of three episodes recorded back in October of 2018 right before all of our equipment was stolen.

Episode Notes

Being the grandson of the progenitor of 20th Century Country doesn't give you a free pass to the music hall of fame–unless we're talking about the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum in Nashville, it probably gets you a couple of free tickets there–but one thing it apparently give you is an incredible genetic tendency toward extreme musical talent. We were a little divided on how well we think that talent comes across on Straight To Hell, but with a tip of the hat to his Grandfather's legacy, "Three" packages up a little something for all of us.

Hank Williams III - Straight To Hell

A Few Minutes With

[Earth Wind & Fire - September][2]

A Current Affair

[Flight of the Conchords - Father and Son][3]