Somebody Likes It

Ariana Grande - Sweetener

Episode Summary

This episode is the second of three episodes recorded back in October of 2018 right before all of our equipment was stolen. Settle in while we discuss Ariana Grande's latest release, *Sweetener*.

Episode Notes

It's difficult to really compare Ariana Grande to other female pop and R&B starlets of recent history; part Mariah, part Brittney, part Christina, part Pete Davidson, but none of these at the same time. It's safe to say the past couple of years haven't been necessarily smooth sailing for the 25 year old. Still, she sings. And walks and breathes like a living actual ingenue. She's typically framed in soft light until the chorus, and then, presumably, there's shopping.

Ariana Grande - Sweetener

A Few Minutes With

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A Current Affair

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